That’s Me

Hello, Thanks for stopping by.

I am Anu and I live in the United Arab Emirates with my family. I started this blog to personalise my sharing space of art, doodles, quotes and all things that lifts me up.

Each art I come up with, each picture I click, every dish I make (OK! try to make) carries a story with it… Most importantly, every person in my life has a purpose and I believe the experience is worth sharing.

As much as I would love to share, I am looking to hear from you and be inspired too

Here’s a bit about me:

That's my profile sketch by my daughter. Love the color of my lipstick.
That’s my profile sketch by my daughter.           Love the color of my lipstick.
  • Apart from mindless dooding, I am trying to unearth the endless possibilities of creativity around and within me.
  • My mind is always ‘occupied’ (My friends can vouch for this- I always seem lost)
  • I love to see my 18 year old boy laugh hard at my silly jokes
  • I do not like chocolates and ice cream and I am NOT missing anything in life!(please tell me I am not the only one)
  • I discover a new passion in me every few months (and yes my dear husband tolerates all my craziness!)
  • My best moments are when my daughter gives me her squeezy-bone breaking-nearly choking hug!
  • I am the self ordained queen of procastination!

And the list continues…

So do plunge in, its a simple blog of random scribbles, designs, sketches, quotes, photos, food, observations…


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