Painting the pots

Most often, I want to doodle on every plain surface, the wall being my favourite 🙂

I was elated when asked by a friend to help him out with an ad promotion for a leading  jewellery brand, Devji.

Devji are a well known jewllery brand spread across the GCC. They have a fine collection of beautiful and breath taking jewllery designs that have earned trust for their splendid craftsmanship and their commitment for decades.

The ad promotion was in line with an Indian, Hindu occasion called “Akshaya Thrithya’, a day that is regarded auspicious to buy gold. Promotions were planned for this particular day so the shops were to bear a festive look in the true ethnic style.

The idea was to paint on earthern pots that would be displayed at the showrooms.  The bigger pots were to be used for the lucky draw promotion in each of the shops across the GCC countries.

Visiting the pottery place was like moving into different era. It must have had something to do with the clay, sand found all around the place that added to the rustic mood of the area.


There are pots of different shapes and sizes and to me all of them appear like canvases to paint on! 🙂


I cant decide if the coloured ones are better or the plain ones? The colored ones have an ‘hypnotising’ effect.


The manner they are arranged together is such a colorful sight.

Having chosen the pots, I set to first coat them with a plain colour to then later add my own doodle design to it.















There were few small cute pots that also got a touch of the doodle art!

small pot3



small pot2



small pot1



small pot4

And finally thats how it was displayed 🙂

small pot5

…at the showroom

small pot6

So there ends the tale of the clay pots.

Have a good and goldy week!



Feeling Osome :) with Alpha

We Mugxpress (who ??) introduced the Alpha series- with these designs.


I love doodling or zentangling (as these designs are called) and can tirelessly scribble for hours.


The best part of this design is that each of what I create is unique, I can never replicate or copy the design. I just feel nice thinking about how unique each of these design is 🙂


As you can see, I love taking pictures too 🙂


None of the pictures are photoshopped (maybe made a bit brighter), most of them taken on my Android phone. Is that something to be proud of.. I dont know…just feeling ‘osome’ of how this turned out.

You think so too???




My facebook page

‘Beneath that plain white sheet lies the true colors of the soul’

What do you think of this doodle?
What do you think of this doodle?

My facebook page is up and running and I am excited. I had always wanted to have a page with all my handiwork, to see what the response is like?

As a person who creates, the thought that is always on my mind is that how does the person who looks at my art or pictures or stuff I make, value it. What does he interpret? Does he see what I see? If not, what is it that he sees? So many questions!!! 🙂


The facebook page hopefully will let me know others’ perception of my art. And will connect me to different artists as well.

My aim is not to get maximum likes, although that adds to my happiness 🙂 but only when I get reviews, comments do I feel I’m evolving.  But I must admit that the response when I started this page really blew me out!

A lot of my friends never knew I was creatively inclined. I never let my arty side surface during school and college days. Infact it took a lot of courage and also motivation to start doing art again. A few of them who have known me, have been my moral support throughout, every single one of them gave me the needed push to start it. Some went a step ahead to send me daily motivations, inspirations, just to make sure the fire in me didnt die out. Whoever I asked for help, they extended their hand for help.

I see their excitment for me and  I will treasure them forever.


I feel the expectation from me is high. I feel I have a commitment now. That is going to help me grow as a person and as an artist. And I am all set to take it up.

See you on FB!/pages/SimplyAnu/916050701749431

Meanwhile, I am all excited doing this book cover for a special person. More details of it in my next post.





The travel



“As she sat during the wee hours of the morning near the departure gate, waiting to board- she notices very few people sitting, almost all of them engrossed in their gadgets, all in their own world- there is a lot of turmoil in her mind despite the serenity around. The kind of  serenity that brings in sadness, loneliness and ironically, a lot of peace and positivity, a feeling that everything’s gonna be alright at the other end of this journey, She does not want to fight those feelings as at the place where she stands, thinking and staying positive is the only thing that can lead her on. There is no other practical solution.”

Make over

I wanted to do running horses on this canvas. But what turned out was a sad big blotch of color with the so called horse sketch looking more like the picture of an alien.

I couldn’t throw it away, so decided to revamp it. I painted the whole canvas black and did my signature design on it.


Picture frame1

I wish I had the chance to repaint a few things of my life. Few words, incidents that I could do again with different strokes and colors. Maybe it would have changed the whole painting…

Picture frame2

Do you ever feel you want a revamp?



10 min princess

I do carry a sketch book with me almost always but very rarely get to draw in it.

This Indian lady was doodled during a flight trip and remains one of my favourite. Why? Because its a 10 min work and…


I was so thrilled with it that I decided to put it on a T-shirt. 🙂

And thats how it turned out.



Bling on the Tshirt
Bling on the Tshirt