Why I stopped writing is the reason…

Image of mandala and flower


…why I want to restart,

Found myself beneath a huge pile of situations, emotions, questions, pain, anger, guilt. I stopped thinking about it, hence stopped sharing since I felt no one would understand what I feel when I could barely  manage myself.

I am a pro at procrastination…I do that with my thoughts too. I push my thoughts, ideas, emotions but it doesn’t help at all. I stopped sharing in every possible way.

The only time of reflection were those few times when I shook myself out from the shell and decide to make some art. Staring at a blank canvas was once upon a time, therapeutic for me. But not any more…a blank canvas in front of me always filled up quickly with all what I chose to push back in my mind, bit by bit, I would see every reel playing in front of me, it wasn’t a blank canvas anymore. It is said that emotions bring out the best art. I wonder why it was different for me. Maybe because I was trying to fight it?

I should have let go.

I have been trying to let go and I want to start changing the course of things, I want to let my emotions guide me to paint my canvas.

I hope to make a new start.








Colorful Mandala

Mandalas are circular art forms with designs emerging from the centre of the circle. The designs are repeated shapes, strokes, lines drawn in a patterned way around to fill up the circle.

Mandala is for me very relaxing. What I love best about this art form is that the designs aren’t preplanned. I dont know what colors to add, what shapes to draw, how big they will turn out, I just go with the flow of my mind.



It may look complicated but it is all about dividing the circle and filling each space up with patterns. Its that simple.

sarah and mandala

Here’s to a colorful and peaceful week!



For me its the cover

…that I get excited about 🙂

Introducing my moleskin


And a few others..


The design on this is called a ‘Mandala’, something that I do a lot. I’ve been doing this art form for years without actually knowing its name. Thanks to Instagram, I got in touch with mandala artists, needless to say I felt part of a BIG family 🙂

And oh yes, do follow me on instagram i.instagram.com/simplyanublog/

And here’s another one with zentangles


Thought a colored version will look better 🙂


The designs on the books are hand drawn on recycled hardcover and distributed exclusively under Mugxpress.com.



Sunset design

Here is a design I did for the love of the magical sunsets.

One of the things that excite me from the million others is sketchbooks. There are so many different kinds of art paper out there!!!

This one is done on canvas sketchpaper, for those of you who are familiar with it and think whats new!, I am a newbie to art so these are wonderful ‘discoveries’ for me.

This particular zentangle has been on my mind for sometime now, so I drew a rough sketch of it first.



water colors

A few splashes of water colors and then patterned with black pen.

WIP sun1




I like how this turned out. I put it on Society6 and saw it come alive on

Throw pillows:)

20140615_185233I had to change the color… as suggested by my dear friend and mentor and brightened it up. It looks so much better now. Doesnt it?


I feel it looks like tribal art design. What do you think? If you want to get hold of this head to http://society6.com/product/bright-ray-of-hope_pillow

I can’t wait to share pictures of other products with this design 🙂

So until the next post..