Pretty as a peacock

I have to admit painting with the kids glass painting kit got me interesed on trying glass painting.


I took the picture of the peacock (which I think is a very common image for glass painting) as my image. I sketched it on paper, traced it on the glass with the black liner and filled in the spaces with the glass colors, as simple as that!


There is something about the rich royal blue color of the peacock that I find very attractive. I hope to create more of these beauties…




Quotes that speak

When times are rough, it is easy to think this is not how things are supposed to be. Things seem overwhelming while in it. But the perspective changes when the issue becomes a past. However, it is scary to think about how I managed to walk past that phase.


I know how I did…because of few people around me who assure me that I am enough and can handle what I did.


There are times when some phrases and quotes speak to me and I happen to chance upon them at the right time. A few of those here. (Here also, is my failed attempt at calligraphy.)

I truly believe the below quote, and something that I would like to practice- to be able to love myself and let that light shine.

Quote 2- dim the light

Seashells on the seashore

The week was busy and the weekend busier!!

But I decided to take a mini-micro vacation of 3 hours to the nearby beach 🙂 And that made me postpone a few of my routine jobs including this blog post 🙂

But I have no regrets, I feel I need to get away sometimes, and keep the mind blank. A few pictures from our micro vacation…

The sea is full of wonders and beautiful wonders.


We spent a Friday morning (Friday- Saturday is weekend in this part of the world)  at the beach. This place is ridiculously filled with seashells!!heap

Just look at that!!
Looking at that heap makes me happy 🙂 We collected shells just like every other time at the beach in the hope of creating something out of it. And this time we made it a point to use some of it.




close up

These shells are so stylish. They make great objects for drawing!




We (kids and I) stuck a few shells and what a simple and beautiful piece of art they turn out. Its like looking at the blue sea:)



There are so many more shells that is awaiting our ideas. I let the kids figure out how to use them.

Heres to another week of peace and love 🙂