I fear


-The fear of putting yourself or your work out there for fear of disapproval-

-The fear of being laughed at for who you are, what you are-

-The fear of being unsuccessful in any task- small or big-

…Constant fear if you are giving your best in whatever you are in-

-The fear of professing your love…

-The fear of being rejected…by anyone is hurting-

-The fear of losing someone close…

-The fear of letting go-

-Fear of falling out of love, fear of the thought of being neglected/ ignored by the one you love-

-Fear of not being able to fulfil your role and how your actions and decisions can determine the future of your dependents-

I live with a number of fears, some I try and overcome, some I am afraid to look in the eye, some sadly I let it control me. Most of my fears are self-developed, initiated by my own judgement. It took years to realise that fear is common and sharing actually helps understand and even try and overcome it.

It’s so very important to have people around to help pull me out of these fears.

I believe it’s the fear that pushes me to try and accomplish feats. They are there not to scare me, but to let me know that something is worth it.

“Overcoming fear is a long term process, and it may never be totally conquered. But each time I allow myself to risk, I believe I take a little bit of that fear and replace it with confidence.”





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