Painting the pots

Most often, I want to doodle on every plain surface, the wall being my favourite 🙂

I was elated when asked by a friend to help him out with an ad promotion for a leading  jewellery brand, Devji.

Devji are a well known jewllery brand spread across the GCC. They have a fine collection of beautiful and breath taking jewllery designs that have earned trust for their splendid craftsmanship and their commitment for decades.

The ad promotion was in line with an Indian, Hindu occasion called “Akshaya Thrithya’, a day that is regarded auspicious to buy gold. Promotions were planned for this particular day so the shops were to bear a festive look in the true ethnic style.

The idea was to paint on earthern pots that would be displayed at the showrooms.  The bigger pots were to be used for the lucky draw promotion in each of the shops across the GCC countries.

Visiting the pottery place was like moving into different era. It must have had something to do with the clay, sand found all around the place that added to the rustic mood of the area.


There are pots of different shapes and sizes and to me all of them appear like canvases to paint on! 🙂


I cant decide if the coloured ones are better or the plain ones? The colored ones have an ‘hypnotising’ effect.


The manner they are arranged together is such a colorful sight.

Having chosen the pots, I set to first coat them with a plain colour to then later add my own doodle design to it.















There were few small cute pots that also got a touch of the doodle art!

small pot3



small pot2



small pot1



small pot4

And finally thats how it was displayed 🙂

small pot5

…at the showroom

small pot6

So there ends the tale of the clay pots.

Have a good and goldy week!



4 thoughts on “Painting the pots

  1. It was indeed a great job. Well appreciated by all at the stores. Keep up the good work. Thanks for helping out…


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