Seashells on the seashore

The week was busy and the weekend busier!!

But I decided to take a mini-micro vacation of 3 hours to the nearby beach 🙂 And that made me postpone a few of my routine jobs including this blog post 🙂

But I have no regrets, I feel I need to get away sometimes, and keep the mind blank. A few pictures from our micro vacation…

The sea is full of wonders and beautiful wonders.


We spent a Friday morning (Friday- Saturday is weekend in this part of the world)  at the beach. This place is ridiculously filled with seashells!!heap

Just look at that!!
Looking at that heap makes me happy 🙂 We collected shells just like every other time at the beach in the hope of creating something out of it. And this time we made it a point to use some of it.




close up

These shells are so stylish. They make great objects for drawing!




We (kids and I) stuck a few shells and what a simple and beautiful piece of art they turn out. Its like looking at the blue sea:)



There are so many more shells that is awaiting our ideas. I let the kids figure out how to use them.

Heres to another week of peace and love 🙂



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