Rocky art

This is such a cute craft activity for all ages. I highly recommend it.  There are so many things to do on these rocks, you will be spoilt for choices 🙂

Here’s how it all started on a fine morning..

When asked to show some love for a picture 🙂 🙂


The ‘love’ got a bit too much (lol)

We got some black smooth pebbles just the perfect ones to paint on. Safety measures in place(newspapers spread on floor 🙂 ), lots of sunlight, same size brushes for both the boy and girl (they can pick up a fight on that too!!!) few rules before the start- At no point during the activity, you are allowed to use the paint, brush, rock, camera (!) as weapons when engaged in arguments or fights.

RP2 &3

Using Acrylic paints, the stones are given a white base coat to add colors on it. Those few minutes was so peaceful!!! as they hurriedly but carefully colored the rocks.


Oh yes, you move around the whole place- want to do a perfect job you see 🙂


I was expecting a somersault soon but thankfully they stopped at this posture.


Just amazed at the dedication!! Lol

So finally done and when asked to pose with their piece of work

… their expressions 🙂 🙂

And finally the first half of our rock art is ready. It will get its identity in a few hours after its dry.


The colors were added and spotted with black spots (we used cotton buds for that almost perfect circle), stuck big black eyes on it and the beautiful lady bugs came to life.
RP 1

Oh yeah, they make good paper weights, they also have coffee meetings with my other office pets 🙂


And some of them love the outdoors!!!


Will definitely try out more art on these rocks. What about you? Hope you enjoyed the pictures and are inspired to start the rocky art.










































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