Wishing my mom on Mother’s Day

In this part of the world, Mothers Day is celebrated twice. The arab world celebrates it during March and the rest celebrate it on 10 May.

When I called my mom to wish her today (on 10 May), she had a surprise tone reminding me that I had already wished her  2 months back!

Brushing aside my emotional comments, she was more curious to know how my kids are doing, how am I coping up with work, am i keeping good health, not to sit up late nights and get migraines and that I should continue painting.

Selfless love!!!

The one person (ya of course, my dad too but he wouldnt ask me so many questions though) who puts her kids ahead of her own life. When I dedicated the below painting for her, she said that she hasnt done enough for me and feels hasnt been a perfect mother. Seriously??!!! If she thinks that way, then I am nowhere near motherhood 🙂 I have to constantly keep reminding her what a big influence she is on my life. She doesn’t know what she is worth. 🙂

This is a water color attempt that I used to wish all the moms 🙂

mothers day sunflower

I have begun to love water colors, and there is so much to learn in this. Patience is one of it 🙂 and knowing when to stop is another important factor. Its not an easy art.

I tried this from a you tube tutorial and yeah I have lot to improve but I know my mom will look at it and say, Wow! how beautiful!






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