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‘Beneath that plain white sheet lies the true colors of the soul’

What do you think of this doodle?
What do you think of this doodle?

My facebook page is up and running and I am excited. I had always wanted to have a page with all my handiwork, to see what the response is like?

As a person who creates, the thought that is always on my mind is that how does the person who looks at my art or pictures or stuff I make, value it. What does he interpret? Does he see what I see? If not, what is it that he sees? So many questions!!! 🙂


The facebook page hopefully will let me know others’ perception of my art. And will connect me to different artists as well.

My aim is not to get maximum likes, although that adds to my happiness 🙂 but only when I get reviews, comments do I feel I’m evolving.  But I must admit that the response when I started this page really blew me out!

A lot of my friends never knew I was creatively inclined. I never let my arty side surface during school and college days. Infact it took a lot of courage and also motivation to start doing art again. A few of them who have known me, have been my moral support throughout, every single one of them gave me the needed push to start it. Some went a step ahead to send me daily motivations, inspirations, just to make sure the fire in me didnt die out. Whoever I asked for help, they extended their hand for help.

I see their excitment for me and  I will treasure them forever.


I feel the expectation from me is high. I feel I have a commitment now. That is going to help me grow as a person and as an artist. And I am all set to take it up.

See you on FB!/pages/SimplyAnu/916050701749431

Meanwhile, I am all excited doing this book cover for a special person. More details of it in my next post.






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