The big fish

My daughter had her own concept of the sunset when she was about 5 year old. She claimed there was a big fish in the sea that swallowed the sun in the evening. And let it out in the morning. Though we smiled at her idea of the sunset, I love the drama in it. Oh! Did I mention I love the sky. Especially the sunset. I often drive to the corniche area near my place just to spend quiet moments all by myself watching the sun set into the horizon exuding colours of orange and red… C360_2014-03-29-18-22-30-390 Nature has its own way of soothing the heart and mind. Watching and listening to the gentle crashing of the golden waves, with occasional squeals of kids laughter from far away, cool breeze blowing across my hair and face, it seems to calm my heart and soul. Its this time of the day I love. C360_2014-03-29-18-31-21-129 C360_2014-03-29-18-32-13-847 I grew up with my grandmom who was a terrific story teller narrating in her own dramatic fashion, hard-to-believe, larger than life stories. What she said captivated me days after and often led me to day dream about the story, create characters, stage the scene in my mind. I would sometimes look at my friends as characters of my mind story. And maybe that is why whenever I am watching the sunset…I look out for that big fish 🙂 C360_2014-03-29-18-43-58-768 Until the next time… have a peaceful week



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