So are you…

When we moved into our new house 3 years back, the freshly painted walls fascinated me. All I wanted to do was add color and design on it. And we did! 🙂

My first DIY project with the family and I am extremely proud of it!

sarah standing

How the boring plain entryway turned bright and cheerful-

A friend offered me some bright orange paint that she had and we started off painting the wall using the sponge technique. Err… I am not sure of the term, but that is what we used to get the effect- Sponges.

The whole project cost me less than $2, that was for the sponges (the paint was free :)), about 5 hours of hard work including lots of singing, talking arguing over who painted the most areas and who did the best job!

I’ve had guests ask me if its a wall paper. And my kids are ever so ready to fill in with details of the ‘photo wall of fame’.

wall only

There is no perfect stroke in this style and that’s what I love. The more imperfect the strokes are, the more beautiful they turn out. There is no right or wrong way of sponging the paint, no boundaries set, no fear of errors.

DIY wall

I feel it has so much to do with my life. I may be imperfect in many things, but I am beautifully made. And I see the beauty reflected when I see my children smile and hold me tight, when I am hugged by my friends during their difficult days, when I am remembered fondly by my loved ones, the times when I give to the needy, the moments I spend with my mother…

I am imperfectly beautiful and incredibly created and so are you




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